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10 April 2020

“Hurricanes And Butterflies” press release

Conceived as a balm to appease the collective angst brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, Montreal born singer-songwriter, Gianni Bodo, is set to release his brand-new single Hurricanes and Butterflies (Flowers Don’t Die).

Entirely written and recorded in confinement during the month of March as the global health crises heated up around the world, Hurricanes and Butterflies (Flowers Don’t Die), a personal song metaphorically anchored in the current times, unfolds in a slow and fluttering pace casually transforming into a colorful high flying rocker not unlike a butterfly gently breaking out of its cocoon into a beautiful yet menacing world. 

From its opening bars, reminiscent of The Smiths How Soon Is Now, the artist’s writing and Fred Bouchard’s (Adam Cohen) production invites the listener into an unsettling universe where tranquility and carelessness make way to the uncertainty of the storm brewing ahead. Nevertheless, the listener is reassured as the song concludes with a universal mantra of resilience and hope. In the end, love will triumph and all will be well.

Featuring recording artist Brigitte Pace on guest vocals, Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan) on piano, Fred Bouchard on drums and Albe on guitars, Hurricanes and Butterflies, was born as an act of love, with each artist, from the sanctity and safety of their homes, handing in a piece of their heart.

Hurricanes and Butterflies (Flowers Don’t Die) will be available on most digital platforms as of Friday April 10th.  A complete album, pending the social climate, will follow in 2020. 

An acoustic version featuring Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan) on piano will also be released in the coming weeks.

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